No More

by Earth and Stone

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released December 13, 2014

All music written and tracked by Adam Meadors, Connor Bowen, and Matt Full

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Levi Miller at Front and Center Recordings.



all rights reserved


Earth and Stone Frederick, Maryland

Think for yourself, and think of others.

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Track Name: Unseen
We spend our whole lives searching
Only to depart alone
Buried underneath
Earth and Stone
Track Name: It Never Stops
It never stops
It’s so easy to feel like you have failed
With this persistence for success drilled into our fucking heads
We all love and regret the time we spent
We feel the need to justify the way we live our lives
Always looking back
A world spinning on borrowed time
A life spent following the lines
And everyday it gets harder to avoid this perceived obsolescence
Now I lost my grip and I don’t think that I’ll ever get it
And it never stops
Track Name: Beyond Absolute
The common faith of today separated by the use of hate
The blind leading the stray but who am I to cast the blame
For I have felt the same from the words screamed in vain
When the needle hits and the record begins
Cant you see
We will never reach the idea of peace
Until we look past what no one ever has
Can’t you see
We are all bone and flesh no matter what book you’ve read
If the devil is in everything look inside yourself
Just a hollow empty shell
Your just like everyone else and just like everyone else
Your lost
We are all one in the same
Each of us digging our own graves
We all return back into this earth so tell me
What was your hate worth
Can’t you see
Nothing is as it seems
And it’s this nothing that makes us weak
Teaching us to never challenge what we are told to seek
Have you found yourself have you found your way
Or stumbled upon another mans trace
If what separates us was written in love then why is that whats missing
So why is love still missing
Track Name: With Love there is Loss
Endless nights that we escaped reality
Chased the dreams we had using our own means
Now days spent thinking will I see you again
And if over this distance promises can be kept
‘Cause after all our words just decay
Crumble up turn into the dust of what we used to be
Just think before you settle I cant afford to lose you
I’ve lost you
I felt the difference between living and lying
And now I can’t find my way back
Some dreams some dreams were meant to die
But I cant seem to let my love for this one go
But with love there is loss
With love there is loss
Track Name: Dark Times
Wether staring life down the bottom of a bottle
Or down the barrel of a gun
The view is the same its the taste that we crave
In our cursed tongues this feeling boils in our blood
I can’t promise that tomorrow will be any brighter
But its a chance to change
A chance to change our forbidden ways
Dark times are breathing down my neck
And when life wants more it doesn’t ask it just takes it
Track Name: Pull it Tight
Another day that I lay awake wondering if this world will change
And from my closet the view would look the same
Slip into my skin pull it back tight
It never fits right
Scared and alone this was never your home
Just a place where you grew up
And everyday I carry this weight of feeling this way
Living a lie on the inside
And now the truth begins to break just like my frail frame
There are no such thing as glory days
When your childhood is something you wish you escaped
I cant seem to get this right
But maybe I am not wrong and its the standards nothing more than another man’s thoughts
Teaching us to define as we see and not as we feel as the common message
So why let them decide who we are in our own lives
So fuck ‘em
I wish I could forgive and forget it
But no one deserves this loneliness
Living in this disconnect
Track Name: Full Circle
Take another swing
Let your fragile hands take the beating
So caught up in anger in love
All sense of hope is fleeting
So take another swing
When violence seems to be the only thing
That makes this life worth living
But theres more to all of this
Than that close mind behind those clenched tight fists
Born into love but forced to hate
Defined as our weakness but its our greatest strength
Compassion could end this divide
Instead we mask our fear with apathy separate and hide
Its mind over matter don’t let these matters rule your mind
If theres one thing you can’t count on it’s time
We are the future but we’re standing still
Defiance is the greatest test of your will
So take another swing
Because your too afraid to think
And every time its the same
These words never resinate
The thousand reasons why we scream
Because it doesn’t matter how loud the sound
If no one wants you around
For who I am and what I stand for
I will be a part of this cycle
No more